Craftsman mattresses that go beyond springs.

Luxurious use of premium natural hair

Order-made mattresses are individually and painstakingly crafted by masters who are well versed in materials and construction.
Luxurious bedding made from premium natural wools such as camel and yak for a comfortable night's sleep in all seasons.

Vibration and swaying, which are common with steel wire springs, have been eliminated, as well as cushioning and ease of turning over.
Iwata is proud to recommend this natural, high-performance mattress.

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    Three features of “Larkowl”

    Three features of 'Larkowl'.
    1. Steam-free.

    The urethane and other materials used in conventional mattresses have a problem with poor moisture release and are easily stuffy, but the natural materials used in Larkowl are excellent at regulating humidity and are resistant to stuffiness. It realises a good sleeping environment.

    2. Unshakeable

    Luxury natural hair is stacked so that the fibres become finer in the upper layers. In combination with a polyester core, this eliminates vibration and swaying. The sleeping posture is more stable and it is easier to turn over without feeling a sense of pressure.

    3. Warm.

    In the cold winter months, conventional mattresses have the disadvantage that steel wire springs tend to transmit cold air. The metal-free laminated structure of the Larkowl mattress, made of high-grade natural hair, has excellent heat retention properties and is warmer in winter.

    Custom-made mattresses by master craftsmen

    The fabrics and materials are carefully selected, and each item is carefully finished by skilled craftsmen.

    How Larkowl works

    Natural hair laminate structure established for stable posture and easy turning without pressure or pain

    The natural wool laminate structure has two properties: pressure dispersion and support. Pressure dispersion refers to the ability of the bedding to disperse body pressure, while supportive refers to the ability of the mattress to support the weight of the body.

    Mattresses need both pressure dispersion and support. However, it is currently difficult to achieve both. For example, soft materials such as urethane provide excellent pressure dispersion, but there is room for improvement in support. Soft materials cause the body to sink into an unnatural posture and make it difficult to turn over in bed.

    Urethane materials absorb moisture but are poor at releasing it, making them unsuitable for the hot and humid summer months in Japan. Firm filling materials such as solid cotton provide excellent support, but there is room for improvement in pressure dispersion, which can lead to problems of pressure and pain.

    To solve these problems, wool-like natural hair of less than 60 mm in length and hair-like natural hair of more than 200 mm in length are blended, using high-grade natural hair from camel, yak, horse and cashmere, in a laminated structure that becomes thicker in diameter towards the lower layers. The upper layers are softer and more cushioned due to the less transverse tension of the hair, while the lower layers are more elastic due to the more transverse tension of the hair.

    In this way, a laminated structure is established that provides both pressure dispersion and support, which makes it easy to turn in and out of sleep without feeling pressure or pain and with a stable posture. The natural materials used are free from impurities and cleanliness, and the fibres are activated by ionisation technology that has been internationally patented in Japan, the USA, Europe and other countries.

    The "Larkowl" is a made-to-measure mattress made to order, using luxurious natural hair.

    The "Larkowl" is designed to specifications by certified experts who provide in-depth consultation with each individual. Each product is fully custom-made by a master craftsman who is familiar with the materials and structure of the product.

    We are also eco-friendly, with Oeko-Tex certification, tailoring, replacement and disposal of materials and recycling of resources.

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    A choice of cushion unit combinations is available

    Made of natural hair from camel, yak, horse and cashmere. Natural wool is excellent for temperature regulation, and its resistance to stuffiness and heat retention make it the perfect material for Japan, which has four distinct seasons.

    Natural hair has been cleaned of contaminants to improve cleanliness and the fibres have been activated using ionisation technology. It has excellent support for the weight of the body and cushioning properties to disperse body pressure. The cushion unit is available in four different patterns, shown right.

    Cushion unit materials used

    The top layer of the mattress is made from an abundance of natural luxury hair. Natural hair is a material known to be rich in heat retention, moisture absorption, moisture release and permeability. It promotes the stabilisation of temperature and humidity in the sleeping area without feeling stuffy like urethane materials.


    Made from the hair of the Dipterocarpus camel grazing in the South Gobi region of Mongolia. Its raw wool has excellent heat-retaining, moisture-absorbing and moisture-dissipating properties as it adapts to the harsh natural environment, where the summer climate reaches 45°C and the winter temperature drops to 40°C below zero. Camel wool has better moisture release properties than wool and can maintain an ideal humidity level of 40-50% at all times.

    Sleeping perspiration is absorbed 30% in the duvet and 70% in the mattress, making camel the best choice for bedding. By placing camel hair on the upper layer of the cushion unit, the mattress has both excellent moisture release and warmth without steaming.


    Yak is found in the cold highlands and mountainous regions, such as the interior of Mongolia. Yak wool, also known as Tibetan cashmere, is so soft and delicate that it is used as a luxury fabric. Its long, thick hair is also strong enough to be used for ropes and hats. Yak body hair is particularly suitable as a material for bedding due to its durability, heat retention, moisture absorption and wicking properties.

    The use of natural yak hair, a mixture of tough, strong hair and soft, delicate wool, in mattresses provides a mattress that is both warm, supportive and resistant to sagging. By using yak hair, which has thicker fibres than camel, under the camel, the body is more firmly supported.

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    In German-speaking countries, horsehair has long been used as a traditional luxury material for sofas and mattresses, as well as cushions for luxury car seats. Only a small amount of hair can be extracted from a single horse, making it an extremely precious material. It is characterised by its long, thick hair, which is strong and supple, like that used for violin strings.

    The luxurious covering of elastic, supportive and durable horsehair provides firm support for the body during sleep. It also offers excellent breathability, including the ability to regulate humidity and temperature.


    There is a constraint that high-quality cashmere can only be obtained from cashmere goats that live in the natural environment of mountainous areas with harsh heat and cold. It is highly prized because only about 150 to 200 grams can be harvested from one cashmere goat.

    Cashmere wool has a smooth, velvety luster and a unique sliminess, and is unrivaled in terms of softness, texture, lightness, and heat retention. In addition, cashmere wool is extremely delicate compared to wool, so it is characterized by its ability to absorb water quickly, and is resistant to stuffiness.

    At Iwata, we use a method of mixing camel hair with cashmere hair to solve the problem of pilling (pilling caused by friction) when using cashmere for mattresses that are subject to body pressure. . This creates a mattress that maximizes the benefits of cashmere, but is softer and has better heat retention than mattresses made only of camel.

    Core unit materials used

    A polyester core material with a laminated structure is used to provide thickness and durability as a mattress. The material is recyclable. To prevent condensation, the core material is wrapped in a cupro felt with good moisture absorption and desorption properties.


    I-cushion is the term used to describe Iwata's concept for non-spring polyester cushions. The polyester used in the upper and lower layers has a vertical fibre direction, while the polyester used in the middle layer has a horizontal direction. Moisture escapes through these vertical and horizontal fibre pathways. A mattress durability tester has been installed and the mattress has been compression tested 80,000 times.

    As a result of repeated testing of various combinations of materials and structures, we have created a mattress that is comfortable to sleep on and strong enough to resist sagging. Unlike spring mattresses, which are difficult to dispose of after their useful life, I-cushions can be collected and recycled (restored) or recycled. The core unit is made of polyester, which makes it lighter and easier to care for than conventional spring mattresses.

    Fabric is 100% cotton, original specification.


    The Oxford weave fabric that has not undergone resin processing is rich in moisture absorption and dispersion, providing a comfortable sleeping environment.
    You can choose from three solid dye colors.

    Cotton oxford white oak

    Cotton oxford floral pink

    Cotton oxford smoky blue

    Sustainable fasteners are used.

    The YKK NATURON® zipper used in LARKOWL products is a resource-saving circular zipper that uses recycled polyester materials in the tape and tape element sections.
    *We will switch to a different zipper once the current stock runs out.

    Impurities are thoroughly removed using special technology.

    The natural materials are thoroughly cleaned of impurities by generating ions without the use of chemicals, using Iwata's special technology. At the same time, the ozone generated also sterilises, bleaches and deodorises the material, successfully maximising the material's own capabilities.

    Binding thread colour available in red or white

    You can choose from two colors for the upper and lower decorative tassels: white and red.
    It is securely bound by a master futon maker with a special needle several tens of centimeters in length.

    Larkowl Red [red]

    Larkowl Red [white]

    We can make the size you want.

    It is possible to make special sizes in addition to the standard sizes.
    The MH and ML types can accommodate sizes up to 160cm in width and 210cm in length, while the MT type can accommodate sizes up to 200cm in width and 210cm in length.

    Tailoring is possible.

    After its useful life, it can be re-tailored and parts can be replaced, like a futon.

    Can be printed with the customer's name. [Free service].

    The custom-made mattress "LARKOWL" is uniquely yours.
    As proof of its customization, we will put your name on it.

    We studied the sleeping comfort of Larkowl.

    Summer sleeping comfort


    When comparing the temperature and humidity on the mattress between LARKOWL and a polyurethane foam mattress, it was found that the temperature increased under both conditions, but the humidity was significantly lower in LARKOWL. (Demonstration 1)

    ※Presented at World Sleep 2011

    In comparison, many people who preferred a cooler sleeping environment found that the polyurethane foam mattress was too warm and humid. (Demonstration 2, 3)

    For winter sleeping comfort


    When comparing the temperature and humidity inside the futon between LARKOWL and a spring mattress, it was found that the temperature increased in LARKOWL. In addition, the humidity was also reduced in LARKOWL. (Demonstration 1)

    ※Presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology.
    ※Reproduction of this data is prohibited.

    It has been demonstrated that LARKOWL provides warmer feet and a more comfortable sleeping experience. (Demonstration 2, 3)

    Larkowl line-up and specifications

    You can achieve your desired level of support and cushioning by combining the core unit and cushion unit.

    MH Type: Standard model

    MD Type: Soft model

    MT Type: For those who want cushioning (direct store exclusive model)

    MH type (standard) [Mat height: approx. 20 cm].

    This is a standard product of Larkowl and is used by many.

    MD type [Mat height: approx. 20 cm].

    Soft, soft type mats.

    MT type [Mat height: approx. 23 cm].

    Extended cushioning by using 3D cushions. Suitable up to king size.

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