IWATA's "artisan mattress that goes beyond springs: LARKOWL" is certified as a Kyoto Smart Product

Certified as a Kyoto Smart Product in recognition of our commitment to “circular design that minimizes waste and carbon emissions”

Iwata Co., Ltd.'s mattress "LARKOWL" has been recognized as a "circular design mattress that minimizes waste and carbon emissions" by the Kyoto Chiesango Creation Forest (Chairman: Yoshiko Tsukamoto). We received the "Reiwa 5th Kyoto Smart Product" certification and were awarded a certificate on December 13th. IWATA's bedding company pursues the creation of environmentally friendly products based on its corporate policy of ``Being in harmony with nature from the moment you sleep.''

1.About IWATA's purpose

Through our corporate activities, we aim to achieve "harmony with nature" from two approaches. One is to provide ``high-quality sleep that is in sync with the rhythms of nature'' to the busy lives of modern people. The other is ``manufacturing within the limits of nature.'' This is an attempt to shift from a one-way linear economy of mass production, consumption, and disposal to a sustainable circular economy. In order to realize a decarbonized society, it is necessary to expand renewable energy and transition to a circular economy. In Eastern thought, there is the idea of ​​``the union of heaven and man (heaven = the universe, nature and humans are one).'' Following the teaching that humans are part of nature and that our lives are closely related to nature, we would like to develop products that respect the harmony between nature and people's lives, and build a sustainable manufacturing process. We hope.

IWATA's approach to SDGs (sustainability):

2. About LARKOWL

A craftsmanship mattress that goes beyond springs and luxuriously uses high-quality natural hair. This is IWATA's signature product, which achieves excellent humidity control, heat retention, and support by laminating animal hair such as camel hair, yak hair, and horse hair. Our masters, who are well versed in materials and structures, put their heart and soul into each piece. This mattress allows you to sleep comfortably in all seasons. (2008 Good Design Award Winner)

We use renewable electricity for production, extend the life of the product by making it possible to remake it or replace parts like a futon after its useful life has elapsed, develop towels by recycling scraps of fabric from the manufacturing process, and use animal-based products. This mattress pursues a circular design that minimizes waste and carbon emissions, including a built-in program that recycles kudzu hair into organic fertilizer through collaboration with a compost factory.


LARKOWL 3 features

1. Doesn't get stuffy

Urethane and other materials used in conventional mattresses have a problem of poor moisture dissipation and tend to get stuffy, but the natural material used in Lark All has excellent humidity control and does not get stuffy. Provides a high-quality sleeping environment.

2.No shaking

High quality natural hair is stacked so that the fibers become thinner towards the top. Furthermore, by combining it with a uniquely developed core material, vibration and lateral shaking are eliminated. My sleeping position is stable and I can easily turn over without feeling pressured.

3. Warm

During the cold winter months, traditional mattresses have the disadvantage of wire springs easily transmitting cold air. Larkall's laminated structure made of high-quality natural hair that does not use metals has excellent heat retention and is warm even in winter. We use the hair (camel hair) of Bactrian camels, which live in Mongolia, where there are large temperature differences.

The comfortable in-bed climate, which is a feature of this product, was verified through joint research with a university, and was approved at the World Sleep 2011 (Japanese Sleep Society/International Sleep Society) and the 67th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Physiological Anthropology. I am making an academic presentation.

[Larkall product page]
https://www.iozon.co.jp/bed/larkowl?gclid=CjwKCAiApuCrBhAuEiwA8VJ6JgZwkkpVOLwmo-6JBKfY lbBVZukZ1pMK8UaefJwODmWH0qJHA-EwNhoCSxwQAvD_BwE

3.What is a Kyoto Smart Product certified product?

Products and services (hereinafter referred to as "Products, etc.") that Kyoto Chisei Industry Creation Forest (Chairman: Yoshiko Tsukamoto) contribute to energy saving efforts and the promotion of smart cities using AI, IoT, etc. A system to certify products as ``Kyoto Smart Products.''

The following is reprinted from the above website: ``In Kyoto, we create products that make use of materials, have face-to-face relationships, provide systems to supply only the necessary amount when needed, and incorporate designs and ingenuity to ensure long-term use. "Ecological" manufacturing, which takes time and effort, is alive and well.Also, while valuing traditional techniques, we are capturing latent consumer demand and utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT technology to create more comfortable products. We are taking on the challenge of creating new products that will contribute to the promotion of "smart cities" that pursue a comfortable lifestyle. Taking advantage of these unique strengths of Kyoto, products and services (hereinafter referred to as "products, etc.") that contribute to eco-friendly and energy-saving initiatives and the promotion of smart cities using AI, IoT, etc. will be certified as "Kyoto Smart Products." Thing. ”

① Products, etc. that have a low environmental impact and are recognized as eco-friendly during the manufacturing and use stages, or machinery and equipment that manufactures products, etc.
② Products, etc., or machinery that manufactures products, etc. that are suitable for promoting smart cities that realize more comfortable living, such as by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT, etc.

 4.Company overview

Iwata Co., Ltd.

Address: 701-2 Osaka Zaimokucho, Sakaimachi Dori Anekoji Shita, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto 604-8102 TEL: 075-211-8321 FAX: 075-211-7537

Japan has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The environment of the bedroom changes depending on the season and region.
Iwata takes into consideration Japan's rapidly changing climate and develops bedding that allows you to have a healthy night's sleep throughout the four seasons.
Its design concept is "Simple & Ecological". The basis of Iwata's high-performance bedding, which is evidenced by its numerous patents and quality, is full of high quality and great friendliness to people and the environment.
Iwata strives to create sustainable products that reduce the environmental impact of future generations through the use of natural materials, long-life design, maintenance, recycling, upcycling, and the use of domestic wood and bamboo.

5. Store information

Bedding specialty store IWATA
Kyoto main store:
〒604-8182 Sanjou, Sakaimachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City
Business hours: 11:00-19:00
Closed: Wednesday

Tokyo store:
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Living Design Center OZONE 5th floor in Shinjuku Park Tower
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Regular holiday: Wednesday (excluding holidays)

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