About the unbleached series

unbleached is a product group that takes on the challenge of creating circular products with the theme of "continued use." Unbleached fabrics, fillings, and other materials are limited to those that are unbleached, undyed, and do not use fluorescent brighteners, and have received Oeko-Tex 100 certification for the safety of hazardous chemicals. Eliminating bleaching and dyeing leads to more effective use of water resources and reduced CO2 emissions.

From the QR code sewn onto the product, you can easily access instructions on how to care for it, such as daily care and washing, and you can also refurbish it if it feels worn out over the years.

The Iwata Shiga Factory uses 100% renewable energy, such as solar and small hydropower, and is also participating in the "Renewable Energy 100 Declaration RE Action."

What does it mean to enrich your life?

Sleep nurtures life and supports daily activities.
Good quality sleep enriches your life.
Many people and creatures are involved in the journey of bedding to us, and the journey is also connected to the ocean and forests. When you think about it this way, the meaning of abundance expands.
Let's start living a rich life by sleeping.

Preserving the natural colors of plants and animals. The black dots on the unbleached fabric are broken cotton husks. Not bleaching or dyeing the material reduces the impact on water resources and the atmosphere.

Being simple was both comfort and gentleness. We make bedding that can be dried in the sun or washed in water so that it can be used for a long time. If the years have passed, please feel free to ask us to have it remade.

High quality feathers collected from mature waterfowl. The down ball is large and has high heat retention ability.
They live in mountainous areas such as Mongolia. Uses hair with high moisture absorption and desorption properties collected during the shedding period.
wool (sheep)
Excellent heat retention and moisture absorption. Used mixed with yak wool to prevent felting.
Fabrics that are unbleached, undyed, and do not use optical brighteners reduce water resource usage and CO2 emissions.
cotton linter
Cotton seed downy hair. A remarkable environmentally friendly material that becomes biodegradable fiber that returns to the soil.
Can be grown with a small amount of water. No pesticides are required and the amount of CO2 absorbed is high. Excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties.



    SUSTAINABILITY statement

    Since ancient times, Japan has valued the harmony between people and nature. We have used the resources provided by water, air, animals and plants with care as wisdom for living a healthy life.

    Now, we want to go back to our roots and reevaluate our manufacturing methods. There are some ideas that have not come to fruition due to the obstacles of reality.

    Commitment to sustainability is a never-ending journey. We will connect this new step of unbleached to our next action.

    History of Actions

    1979 Iwata Feather Research Institute opened
    1986 Launch of feather comforters that can be dried in the sun and washed in water
    1987 Launched functional bedding made from high-quality natural wool from camels and other animals.
    2001 Started a project to make beds from Japanese wood.
    2002 Obtained Oeko-Tex 100 safety certification for hazardous substances
    2008 Redesignable mattress “LARKOWL” wins Good Design Award
    2010: Started thermal recycling and carbon offset of discarded bedding.
    2017 Established in-house bedding refurbishment program
    2018 Started upcycling “UMO” of other companies’ down comforters
    2019: Announcement of “KAGUYA KOKOCHI” bed made from domestic bamboo
    2020 Adopt 100% renewable energy electricity (Shiga factory/Kyoto main store)

    We use renewable energy from solar power generation and small hydroelectric power generation to power our own factory. We are the first in the bedding industry to participate in the ``Renewable Energy 100 Declaration RE Action.''
    For more information, please visit the IWATA corporate website

    All products meet these conditions.

    Materials are unbleached, undyed, and free of optical brighteners.

    Product development centered on sleep science

    Hazardous substance safety certification

    Obtain Oeko-Tex

    Uses materials that have passed our own standard inspections

    Manufactured and inspected at domestic factories

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