Japanese wood or bamboo bed

Project to make a bed with Japanese bamboo

While forests are decreasing around the world, in Japan, the effective use of artificial forests has not progressed, and the country continues to rely on imports for its timber supply.

Iwata has proposed a circular cycle and promoted corporate activities that sustain both global environmental conservation and manufacturing.

The ``KAGUYA KOKOCHI'' project utilizes bamboo, which can be milled after a 3-5 year growing period, as a ``sustainably produced material'' and collaborates with bamboo furniture manufacturers and designers to create new beds made from Japanese bamboo. We are starting a new initiative.

Project to make a bed with Japanese wood

The ``Project to Make Beds from Japanese Wood'' is Iwata's corporate activity that aims to sustain environmental conservation and manufacturing at the same time with an eye to the future. While the world continues to lose forests, Japan's forest coverage rate has remained largely unchanged. The artificial forests that have been planted are not being used effectively and the country is relying on imported materials from overseas. In collaboration with domestic producers, Iwata encourages efforts to create beds using trees grown in Japanese forests.

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