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    "Pursuing Comfortable Sleep" - This is not just our story.
    Even our closest relatives, chimpanzees, are quite particular about their sleep.
    Chimpanzees make a bed on tree branches with leaves and sleep on it.

    And in this bed, there are many secrets hidden to make their sleep comfortable.
    "Human Evolution Bed" was created based on their exquisite skills.
    Please feel the gentle and comfortable feeling of being wrapped up in it.

    “Human Evolution Bed” created from a university museum exhibit

    The Human Evolution Bed first appeared in 2016 in Kyoto, Japan at the "Sleep Exhibition: A Cultural History of Sleep" held at the Kyoto University Museum. The main theme of the exhibition was "When, where, and how have humans been sleeping?".

    Seven scholars researched and presented exhibits and explanations such as "A Map of Pillow Ethnic Groups" and "Decoding Dreams". From wooden pillows used by ethnic minorities in Africa, traditional European cradles, to automatic waking devices used by Japanese railway companies, the exhibition showcased a wide range of sleep-related items that reflect the diversity and evolution of sleep throughout history and around the world.

    The "Human Evolution Bed" was one of the highlights of this unique exhibition. It represents both "ancient forms of sleep" that trace the history of human sleep, as well as "new forms of sleep" that symbolize diverse sleep cultures. This bed was introduced as a "bed that breaks free from existing concepts" and attracts attention to its unique design.

    Kyoto University General Museum, Special exhibition, 2008.

    Best sleeping comfort "chimpanzee bed".

    Chimpanzees are “bed makers”

    Once upon a time, humans also slept on trees.

    Human evolution bed 6 comfort factors.

    Comfortable ① Slightly small “oval”

    When a chimpanzee sleeps sprawled out on a bed, its legs stick out from the bed. The slightly smaller oval shape reproduces that sense of size. When you throw your feet out to sleep, you will feel the pressure on your heels being released.

    The oval shape also allows you to change the length from the head pillow to the foot pillow depending on the direction you lie down. Whether you're tall or short, try finding the most comfortable place for you by changing the direction you sleep.

    Comfortable② “Rocks” like a cradle

    The chimpanzee's bed on the tree rocks pleasantly when it turns over. Based on recorded footage, we recreated a 360-degree sway similar to that of a tree bed. The shaking is just like the cradle you felt when you were a child.

    Another feature is that when you sit on the bed, it leans towards you. It's like "the bed is coming to pick me up." This makes getting in and out of bed easier.

    Comfort③ Exquisite “Mattress”

    Chimpanzee beds are neither low-resilience nor high-resilience, and are exquisitely soft. The secret is the twigs with lots of leaves. Each twig and each leaf has a small amount of elasticity, and together they support the body.

    That comfort is recreated with a 100% feather mattress. The small elasticity of each lightly curved feather gently wraps and supports your entire body.

    Comfortable ④ “The shape of the plate” wraps around your body

    Chimpanzee beds are plate-shaped. The edges are raised and there are "pillows" in all directions. Taking this as a hint, the ``Human Evolution Bed'' also has pillows in all directions. The one at the head is the ``pillow'', the one at the feet is the ``foot pillow'', and the side edge is the ``body pillow''.

    Thanks to this "pillow", you can lie on your back and take a sleeping position that relieves tension in your core, similar to when you are soaking in a hot spring. Of course, even if you lie on your side, the edges of the bed will gently hug your body.

    In addition, by resting your body on the edge of this bed, you can tilt your body at a 45° angle, allowing you to sleep in a position that is not possible with a flat futon or bed. You can discover a new way to sleep.

    Comfortable ⑤ Sturdy plate-shaped “base”

    To sleep safely on a tree, you need a stable base. Chimpanzees break and bend branches to create a sturdy base. Of course, the shape of the base is also “dish-shaped”. In the Human Evolution Bed, we recreated this shape by stretching linen belts vertically and horizontally around a boldly hollowed-out top plate.

    This gently curved, solid base firmly supports your weak body from below.

    Comfort ⑥ Make your own comfortable bed today with “fine adjustments”

    The human evolution bed can be fine-tuned. You can change the height of the pillow by adjusting the linen belt to change the curve of the base, or by tapping the mattress to move the feathers inside.

    The way you prefer to sleep will also change depending on how you spend the day, such as days when you exercise or do a lot of desk work. Why not follow the example of chimpanzees who create a comfortable sleeping space in just a few minutes and find the perfect sleeping space for you that day before going to bed?

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