Not stuffy, not shaking, warm


Laminated mattress made of camel, yak, and horse hair
“RENMEN Towel” now on sale

Refreshing in the summer without getting stuffy and warm in the winter

Comfortable throughout all seasons

camel material

IWATA's world-famous feathers

Oeko-Tex certified/washable
A long-established bedding manufacturer in Kyoto, founded in 1996.

IWATA, the science of sleep

190 years of searching for a comfortable sleep

Choose from carefully selected natural materials

feather products
Feathers are collected from waterfowl such as geese and ducks.
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camel products
Camel hair is the hair of Bactrian camels that live in the Gobi Desert and Inner Mongolia in the interior of Mongolia. Because they live in a harsh habitat where temperatures can exceed -40 degrees Celsius during the cold season, their body hair has amazing functions such as heat retention, moisture absorption, and moisture release.
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hemp products
Linen is a fabric made from fibers harvested from the stalks of flax, a small plant. The fibers are thin and supple, and the more you wash it, the more it gets better.
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cotton products
The fiber that makes cotton can be obtained from cotton, a plant belonging to the mallow family. After blooming beautiful flowers, the fruit dies when ripe and white fibers overflow (cotton balls).
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Lark All
Luxurious use of high-quality natural hair

Each and every mattress is made to order by a master who is familiar with the materials and structure.
This bedding is luxuriously made with high-quality natural wool such as camel and yak wool, allowing you to sleep comfortably in all seasons.
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Japanese wood or bamboo bed
Project to make a bed with Japanese bamboo

While forests are decreasing around the world, in Japan, the effective use of artificial forests has not progressed, and the country continues to rely on imports for its timber supply.
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Directly managed store original/sustainable brand

Harmony with nature from sleep


Preserving the natural colors of plants and animals. The black dots on the unbleached fabric are broken cotton husks. Not bleaching or dyeing the material reduces the impact on water resources and the atmosphere.

A passion for making feather quilts that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Iwata was founded in the first year of Tenpo, over 190 years ago. It all started when we opened a store on Sanjo Street in Kyoto as [Iwata Fudanten]. The third generation, Ichibei Iwata, learned that feather quilts were being used in Europe and thought that ``feathers might be the next material after cotton.''

Iwata is a pioneer of down comforters in Japan, having started researching feathers since the Taisho era.

Habuton birth story

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Why choose IWATA?

Natural materials

Dedicated quality

Comfortable to sleep