Camel hair comes from the humps of camels living in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. Due to the harsh living environment where temperatures can drop below -40℃ during the cold season, their hair has amazing functions such as heat retention, moisture absorption, and moisture dissipation.
Additionally, the unique structure that uses the strong resilience of camel's long hair not only supports sleeping posture as bedding material, but also makes it a highly breathable and moisture-resistant material, making it suitable for use as a pillow.

Comfortable natural warmth

Remarkable moisture-dissipating properties that are remarkably non-steaming.

Easy to turn in bed

Camel wool does not have scales on the fibre surface like wool, so the wool does not tangle and does not become stiff. The characteristic of the wool that does not felt easily suppresses the padding from sagging and gives it outstanding durability. The moderate elasticity lasts for a long time, making it fluffy and comfortable to use for a long time. The moderate firmness makes it easy to turn over, supports the body and maintains a natural sleeping posture.



Camel product cross-sectional cut

Ionisation technology for improved cleanliness

The properties of camel hair are further brought out by special ionisation treatment technology. Ions and ozone generated by electronics remove impurities to the utmost limit. At the same time, sterilisation, bleaching and deodorisation are achieved. All functions are improved, from durability and bulkiness to moisture absorption and wicking.

Camel material

Used after CamelCard

Fabrics to make the most of the characteristics of natural materials.

The fabric used in Camel products absorbs perspiration quickly, as no chemicals or resins are used for filling. This brings out the moisture absorbing and wicking properties of camel hair. The ultra-high density fabric, which is 100% cotton, is gentle on the skin and prevents mites from entering.

Ordinary fabrics, which are filled with resin or glue, not only do not absorb moisture,
It even inhibits the moisture absorption and dissipation properties of the material.

Iwata's fabrics instantly absorb sweat and moisture, so the functionality of the material is not impeded.

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