Feathers are collected from waterfowl such as geese and ducks. The fluffy, cotton-like tufts are called down.

They grow on the chest and belly areas of the bird and provide excellent insulation.

Feathers grow in greater quantities on other parts of the bird and provide elasticity and breathability. Down is mainly used for comforters, while feathers are used for pillows.

Feathers collected from farms go through a process of dust removal, washing, and drying before being refined. However, cleaned feathers are not enough on their own.

After refining the feathers, Iwata's special technology (Iozon α2) is used to remove impurities to the utmost degree, and the resulting material is used as the raw material for comforters and pillows.

Feathers before being refined

After iozone α2 (down)

After iozone α2 (feather)

The feathers are made using special technology to remove as much dust as possible and can be washed at home.

Waterfowl feathers contain various impurities such as bird dander and oil. If these impurities remain, they can emit unpleasant odors and have a negative impact on health. To address this, Iwata uses a special technology called Iozone α2 to remove impurities through several stages of processing, achieving maximum purity. Additionally, the feathers are sterilized, deodorized, and sanitized during the process.

neck feather

Neck feathers, which grow densely on the head and neck of waterfowl, have sharp feather shafts that can blow out through the smallest gaps in the fabric.

down fiber

These are feather branches separated from the down. It is torn off and in one piece, so it does not retain warmth.

feather fiber

Feather feather branches that have separated from the feather shaft and are torn off, leading to reduced heat retention.

immature down

This refers to down that has been kept as a waterfowl for a short period of time and is small and immature. The down is smaller and weaker, so it has less heat retention and is less durable.


Fragments and feather shaft keratin on feathers. They cause odours and stains.

Fine fibre fragments and dust that adhere to feathers during the breeding and refining processes.

The key to sleeping comfort is the maturity of the down.

The feel of down products is determined not by the down ratio, but by the maturity of the down. The maturity of the down is determined by the size of each down ball.

Each hair of down is called a feather branch, and mature down has more of these branches. Even small, immature down can increase the down ratio if there are a lot of them, but such small down has low insulation and does not provide warmth or good sleeping comfort.

At Iwata, strict quality standards are set and only products that pass the inspection are used.

immature down

Mature and big down

Only products that have passed laboratory tests are used.

The fabrics are also very particular.

Generic down fabrics are resin-treated to prevent blowing out, so they could not be sun-dried or washed in water. Iwata has used its unique know-how to develop a fabric made from 100% natural cotton. Our technicians' eyes carry out meticulous checks to ensure perfect quality and delivery of our products.

Generic fabrics that are packed with resin or glue not only do not absorb moisture, but also inhibit the down's ability to absorb and dissipate moisture


Iwata fabrics instantly absorb sweat and moisture and do not interfere with the function of the down


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