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carbon offset program

This is an effort to offset carbon emissions with the cooperation of all purchasers.

If you purchase a product with this program, you will be compensated (carbon offset) for the greenhouse gas emissions (37.2 kg CO2e in single conversion) that are difficult to reduce at Iwata and are emitted during the manufacturing and remaking process of this product. can.

This program, in collaboration with More Trees, a general incorporated association, will be utilized for forest conservation activities in Nakatosa Town, Kochi Prefecture, and the CO2 absorbed by the forest will be offset.

* Emissions from the manufacturing and remaking process if you purchase this product and use it for 45 years by recycling the filling twice every 15 years and refilling it. Equivalent to 58% of emissions compared to conventional products based on Dekabo score.

more trees carbon offset efforts: https://www.more-trees.org/activities/city3/

unbleached & more 羽ぶとん レギュラー カーボンオフセット付 (税込)

本体価格 オフセット費用 合計金額 オフセット量
シングル 77,000円 460円 77,460円 37.2kgCO2e
セミダブル 95,700円 520円 96,220円 42.2kgCO2e
ダブル 113,300円 580円 113,880円 47.2kgCO2e
クィーン 130,900円 640円 131,540円 52.1kgCO2e
対象となるプロダクツ及びサービス名:「unbleached & more」の取り組みによるカーボンオフセット
カーボンオフセット・プロジェクト名:高知県中土佐町四万十黒潮の森間伐推進プロジェクト(一般社団法人more trees)

About the unbleached series

unbleached is a product group that takes on the challenge of creating circular products with the theme of "continued use."

Unbleached fabrics, fillings, and other materials are limited to those that are unbleached, undyed, and do not use fluorescent brighteners, and have received Oeko-Tex 100 certification for the safety of hazardous chemicals. Eliminating bleaching and dyeing leads to more effective use of water resources and reduced CO2 emissions.

From the QR code sewn onto the product, you can easily access instructions on how to care for it, such as daily care and washing, and you can also refurbish the product if it feels worn out over the years.

Iwata Shiga Factory uses 100% renewable energy, such as solar and small hydropower generation, and is also participating in the ``Renewable Energy 100 Declaration RE Action.''

Obtained Dekabo score as a product with a carbon dioxide reduction rate of 42%

By using undyed and unbleached fabrics and grains, using electricity derived from renewable energy, and extending the lifespan of products through regular maintenance, we have reduced CO2e emissions compared to conventional products. We found that the reduction rate was 42%.

unbleached feathered regular

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unbleached feathered regular
unbleached feathered regular
unbleached feathered regular
unbleached feathered regular
unbleached feathered regular
unbleached feathered regular

unbleached feathered regular

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Size (cm)/Filling amount (kg)
carbon offset
Regular price ¥82,500

This duvet is made from mature mid-winter white duck down wrapped in undyed and unbleached fabric.
The warmth of a feather comforter changes depending on the amount of feathers.
The amount of feathers has been adjusted so that it can be used differently depending on the air conditioning environment and bedroom environment.

Choose from three types to suit your home.

This is a standard feather quilt for winter. Single size with feather weight of 1.2kg.
3rd photo From the left: regular, medium, and light.

Filling / white duck down 80%
Fabric material / 100% cotton, twill, unbleached, undyed