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feather products
Feathers are collected from waterfowl such as geese and ducks.
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camel products
Camel hair is the hair of the Dipterocarpus camel, which is found in the Gobi Desert and Inner Mongolia region deep in Mongolia. Due to its harsh habitat, where temperatures can exceed minus 40°C during the cold season, its body hair has extraordinary functions such as heat retention, moisture absorption and moisture release.
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hemp products
Linen is a fabric woven from fibres taken from the stalks of the flax plant, a small plant. The fibres are fine and supple, and the more they are washed, the more they blend in.
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cotton products
The fibre that becomes cotton can be obtained from the cotton plant, a member of the mallow family. After flowering beautifully, the fruit withers when ripe and overflows with white fibres (cotton balls).
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Lark All
Luxurious use of premium natural hair.

Each mattress is made to order by masters with a thorough knowledge of the materials and structure, who put their heart and soul into each item.
Luxurious natural wools such as camel and yak are used to provide a comfortable sleep in all four seasons.
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Japanese wood or bamboo bed
Project to make beds from Japanese bamboo

While forests are deforested around the world, Japan's planted forests are not being used effectively and the country continues to rely on imports for its timber supply
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