Coupon only for guests

To our guests

The bedding in the room you stayed in is made by IWATA.
IWATA has been in business for 190 years.
A long-established bedding manufacturer in Kyoto.

To those who stayed,
We wish you a comfortable sleep,
It was specially made for me.

And this time specially,
We have prepared coupons exclusively for our guests .

Can be used at directly managed stores and online shops.

Terms of use - One-time use per person - Valid for one year from the date of stay - 2,000 yen discount for purchases over 10,000 yen (excluding tax, main price)

If you are using this coupon at a store, please present this coupon at the time of purchase.

Coupons can be used at IWATA directly managed stores: Kyoto Main Store, Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Store, and Tokyo Store.

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If you are purchasing from an online shop, please enter "hotelcoupon" on the coupon code entry screen at checkout.
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At our stores, we have dedicated sleep improvement instructors, sleep environment advisors, etc.
We have professionally trained staff on hand at all times, so
Consultation and troubles regarding sleep,
Please feel free to ask us about everything from bedding to the bedroom environment.