Appropriate stress for the brain and body

Even if you only try to improve your sleep at night, it won't work. This is because sleep and wakefulness influence each other. Staying awake during the day will be reflected in your sleep at night.

1. Increases the difference in body temperature between day and night.

The temperature inside the body changes approximately every 24 hours. It is usually highest around the evening and lowest around dawn. Changes in body temperature are large when you are young, but they tend to decrease as you get older. When the function of the body clock weakens, changes in body temperature between day and night become less clear. When that happens, I don't feel refreshed during the day, and I have trouble sleeping soundly at night.

By increasing your alertness and raising your body temperature during the day, your body temperature will drop more smoothly at night. The greater the difference in body temperature between day and night, the easier it will be to fall asleep and the less likely you will wake up in the middle of sleep.

2. Move a lot and put the right amount of stress on your brain and body.

The key to increasing alertness is to move a lot during the day and use your brain to be active. Providing a moderate amount of stress to your body and brain will help you maintain a clear contrast between day and night.

Spending more time outside is also beneficial for increasing alertness. This is because going outside increases your physical activity and gives you more opportunities to meet people. Social contact not only increases alertness, but also strengthens the ability to synchronize biological rhythms and corrects disrupted rhythms. Instead of staying at home during the day, try to go out more often and meet people.

Exposure to light during the day is also effective in increasing alertness. This is because sunlight has the ability to wake you up. Light especially in the morning has a strong effect on improving the quality of sleep, so it is a good idea to increase the amount of time you spend in sunny areas.

If you want to get deep sleep at night, be sure to wake up during the day. If you make it a habit to maintain a balance between day and night in your mind and body, the function of your body clock will be strengthened, and your ability to stay awake during the day and stay asleep at night will increase. Increase your alertness during the day.

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