Lark All Soft Type MD521

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Lark All Soft Type MD521
Lark All Soft Type MD521
Lark All Soft Type MD521
Lark All Soft Type MD521
Lark All Soft Type MD521
Lark All Soft Type MD521

Lark All Soft Type MD521

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For those who prefer soft rice

Cushioning properties have been improved by using 3D cushioning in the upper and lower layers of the core unit.

By adding thick and long horse hair to camel and yak, body pressure distribution is further improved.

A craftsmanship mattress that goes beyond springs, luxuriously made with high-quality natural hair.


Each custom-made mattress is painstakingly finished by a master who is familiar with the materials and structure. This bedding is luxuriously made with high-quality natural wool such as horse, yak, and camel wool, allowing you to sleep comfortably throughout the year.

In addition, we have eliminated the vibrations and shaking that are common with steel wire springs, and have improved cushioning and ease of turning over. This is a natural high-performance mattress that Iwata can confidently recommend.


Three characteristics of “Larkowl”

No stuffiness...Urethane and other materials used in conventional mattresses have a problem of poor moisture wicking and easy stuffiness, but the natural material used in "Larkowl" has excellent humidity control and does not get stuffy. Features: Creates a high-quality sleeping environment.

No shaking... High quality natural hair is stacked so that the fibers become thinner towards the top. Furthermore, by combining it with a uniquely developed core material, vibration and lateral shaking are eliminated. My sleeping position is stable and I can easily turn over without feeling pressured.

Warm... During the cold winter months, conventional mattresses have the disadvantage that steel wire springs tend to transmit cold air. The laminated structure of ``Lark owl'' made of high-quality natural hair that does not use metals has excellent heat retention and keeps you warm even in winter.


Custom-made by craftsmen

Using carefully selected fabrics and materials, each item is carefully finished by skilled craftsmen.


You can choose a combination of cushion units.

camel + yak + horse

By adding thick and long horse hair to camel and yak, body pressure distribution is further improved.


Cushion unit : camel / yak / hose

Core unit : cupra felt / polyester

Fabric material : Oxford / 100 % cotton / plain dyed

Mattress height : approx. 20 cm

Certified as a Kyoto Smart Product in recognition of our commitment to “circular design that minimizes waste and carbon emissions”

Iwata Co., Ltd.'s mattress "LARKOWL" has been recognized as a "circular design mattress that minimizes waste and carbon emissions" by the Kyoto Chiesango Creation Forest (Chairman: Yoshiko Tsukamoto). We received the "Reiwa 5th Kyoto Smart Product" certification and were awarded a certificate on December 13th. IWATA's bedding company pursues the creation of environmentally friendly products based on its corporate policy of ``Being in harmony with nature from the moment you sleep.''

About IWATA's purpose

Through our corporate activities, we aim to achieve "harmony with nature" from two approaches. One is to provide ``high-quality sleep that is in sync with the rhythms of nature'' to the busy lives of modern people. The other is ``manufacturing within the limits of nature.'' This is an attempt to shift from a one-way linear economy of mass production, consumption, and disposal to a sustainable circular economy. In order to realize a decarbonized society, it is necessary to expand renewable energy and transition to a circular economy. In Eastern thought, there is the idea of ​​``the union of heaven and man (heaven = the universe, nature and humans are one).'' Following the teaching that humans are part of nature and that our lives are closely related to nature, we would like to develop products that respect the harmony between nature and people's lives, and build a sustainable manufacturing process. We hope.

IWATA's approach to SDGs (sustainability):

You can choose from two colors for the upper and lower decorative tassels: white and red.
It is securely bound by a master futon maker with a special needle several tens of centimeters in length.

We can also make special sizes other than standard sizes.
MH and ML types can accommodate widths up to 160cm x length 210cm, and MT types can accommodate widths up to 200cm x length 210cm.

After its useful life has elapsed, it can be remade or parts replaced like a futon.

The custom-made mattress "Lark All" is unique to you.
We will add your name as proof of order.

Iwata products can be used comfortably for a long time by maintaining them at home.

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Oeko-Tex is an international safety standard for textile products that prohibits or restricts the use of substances harmful to the human body in textile products, and is issued only to products that meet the standards.

The Iwata brand receives certification for each product. Not only the main materials (feathers, natural wool, and fabrics), but also all components used in bedding, such as threads and zippers, meet the standards and have been proven to be safe down to the single thread.


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