Benefits of eating breakfast

Eating three regular meals has long been considered the basis of health management. Meal regularity is important not only from the perspective of nutritional intake, but also to ensure good quality sleep.

1. Adjust your body clock with food.

When you eat, that information is entered into your body's internal clock, giving you clues to keep it in sync. Of the three meals, the timing of breakfast and dinner is particularly important. Eating at a set time helps adjust your body's disrupted body clock.

Regular meals also help improve digestive efficiency. If you eat at the same time every day, your body will start preparing to digest and absorb food as that time approaches, making you feel less hungry.

Breakfast supplies the brain with carbohydrates, which are an energy source for activity. If you continue to skip breakfast, your work efficiency and academic performance are likely to be adversely affected. There is also a report that when comparing children who eat breakfast every day and children who do not eat breakfast at all, there is a clear difference in test scores.

2. Don't miss breakfast.

Breakfast plays an important role, but unfortunately, many people in Japan don't eat it. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's National Health and Nutrition Survey released in 2020 , the rate of skipping breakfast is 15.0 % for men and 10.2 % for women.

The percentage of people in their 20s who don't eat breakfast is particularly high for both men and women, with 30.6 % of men and 23.6 % of women not eating breakfast.

Eating dinner late will make you stay up late and sleep less. In the morning, I end up sleeping until the last minute, so I don't have time to eat breakfast, and to make up for missing breakfast, I end up eating more dinner. Some people skip breakfast to lose weight, but that's wrong. It's easier to gain weight if you don't eat breakfast. Break the vicious cycle by reviewing your meal times.

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