bathe in the morning sun

The body clock has a slightly longer day than 24 hours, so it needs to be reset every day to return to 24 hours. There are many clues for this, but the most powerful is morning light.

1. Expose yourself to light every day after you wake up.

Exposure to sunlight after waking up is the most effective way to synchronize your body clock to the 24- hour clock. This is because exposure to the morning sun synchronizes the internal clock with the Earth's rotation period. It can also be said that the internal clock and external clock are synchronized.

Light does more than just reset your body clock. Exposure to strong light from dawn to mid-morning will move your biological rhythm forward. On the other hand, strong light during the evening and night hours slows down the biological rhythm. Morning sunbathing can help reverse late-sleeping night owls. On the other hand, exposing your eyes to bright light at night can make it easier to fall asleep later.

When you wake up, open the curtains and let bright light enter the room. If you can, go outside and soak up the morning sun.

2. Use your five senses to pick up on the signals of awakening.

In addition to the morning sun, your brain and body recognize that morning has come due to the stimulation of your five senses. If you don't feel refreshed in the morning, create a morning flow by incorporating many wake-up signals.

When you get out of bed, head to the bathroom and then drink some water. During sleep, your body loses about a glass of water, so you need to replenish it. Morning baths and showers also have a wake-up effect. However, the water should be hot enough for a short time. This is because relaxing in lukewarm water will make you sleepy.

Washing your face, putting on makeup, and shaving can also be good stimuli. Breakfast is essential for replenishing your energy supply, but there's more to it than that. This is because eating increases alertness. Even a little bit is good, so be sure to take it every day.

If you laze around in your pajamas, your mood won't transition from night to morning. Change into clothes that you can take off and be active in. As you do this, your mind and body will prepare for the start of the day.

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