RENMEN bagasse pillow cover

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RENMEN bagasse pillow cover

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This pillow cover is made from Okinawan bagasse (sugar cane waste).

First, the bagasse was made into Japanese paper, and the threads made from it were twisted together with cotton threads to make thread, and then the fabric was woven.

By using bagasse, the fabric has a smooth texture.
The lignin contained in bagasse has also been proven to have highly naturally occurring antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Since it is used every day, it is the perfect material for covers where you are concerned about odor and cleanliness.


About the material

"Bagasu" is the sugarcane residue produced during the sugar production process in Okinawa Prefecture. The bagasse washi thread is used to create the fabric.

Bagasse, an unused resource, is crushed and processed in Okinawa Prefecture.

It is processed into Japanese paper using the Mino Washi manufacturing technology that has been passed down in Gifu Prefecture since ancient times.
By twisting this bagasse washi with cotton and making it into thread, it is woven into a fabric that is smooth to the touch.
It has been proven to have naturally derived antibacterial properties and a high deodorizing effect due to the lignin contained in the fabric .

*The lignin component absorbs odors of 96% ammonia, 99% acetic acid, and 99% isovaleric acid. 

(From the results of the deodorizing test conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Center) 


Development background

Sugarcane is the world's largest agricultural product, and it is said that approximately 200,000 tons of bagasse, its residue, are produced annually in Okinawa Prefecture, and approximately 189 million tons worldwide.

Bagasse is a useful unused resource, and while we are looking for ways to utilize it effectively, we have developed a fabric using bagasse washi yarn as a sustainable fiber.


This project creates new products and services through the circulation of valuable resources. We named it "RENMEN®" with the hope that the connection between the creator, the user, and the earth will continue for a long time.
RENMEN® is a registered trademark of Iwata Co., Ltd.

Iwata products can be used comfortably for a long time by maintaining them at home.

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