Hemp pad shitone

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Hemp pad shitone

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Iwata products can be used comfortably for a long time by maintaining them at home.

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Iwata's bedding is made to be easy to dry in the sun or wash at home, so that you can use it comfortably for a long time. We recommend maintenance at home to ensure that the material's functionality is fully utilized.

Oeko-Tex is an international safety standard for textile products that prohibits or restricts the use of substances harmful to the human body in textile products, and is issued only to products that meet the standards.

The Iwata brand receives certification for each product. Not only the main materials (feathers, natural wool, and fabrics), but also all components used in bedding, such as threads and zippers, meet the standards and have been proven to be safe down to the single thread.


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IWATA Hemp Pad Shitone

The stuffiness and hot flashes on your back will feel smooth and refreshing. A linen pad that is perfect for summer.

Made from highly moisture-wicking ramie linen and downy cotton seeds.
The filling is mixed with cupra, a biodegradable fiber that returns to the soil.

By adding uneven "wrinkles" to the 100% linen fabric,
It makes it easier to move the air around your back and improves breathability.
It doesn't trap heat and the smooth feel of linen lasts all night.

It can be washed in the washing machine, so it's recommended for summer nights when you sweat a lot.

IWATA bedding is very popular with our customers.

"Guest House Kyoto Mikasa"
Landlady Kyoko Kaneko

``Shitone'' has a soothing texture. Summers in Kyoto are hot and humid, but Shitone's crisp linen fabric keeps you comfortable all night long without clinging to your back even when you sweat.

The reason for the difficulty of sleeping in summer is the increase in humidity on your back.

"During the summer, I wake up many times with night sweats and a sticky back."
"When I sleep with the air conditioner on, my body gets cold and it's painful."

On sweaty, hard-to-sleep summer nights, the sleeping environment can be difficult.
How about IWATA's hemp pad ``Sitone'', which was born with all the wisdom to beat the extreme heat of Kyoto?

In fact, the cause of insomnia in summer is the increase in humidity on the back.
Quickly absorbing and dissipating sweat from your back is a shortcut to a good night's sleep.

The natural coolness of hemp. Long seller for over 30 years

Therefore, IWATA chose linen as the material for bedding because it has a cool texture and excellent moisture absorption and release properties, making it difficult for moisture to accumulate on the back.

``Shitone'' uses hemp not only for the front and back fabrics but also for the filling.
In addition to thoroughly absorbing the night sweats that are said to accumulate over two cups a night during the hot summer months, the fabric is textured and absorbed by small spots on the body to improve breathability.

We have received many happy comments from those who have slept on it, such as ``I was able to sleep soundly with the cool texture'' and ``I sweat but my body is not sticky and feels dry and comfortable.''

With the hemp pad ``Sitone'', which is also used in high-end inns and hotels, you can feel comfortable this summer with the power of hemp. The quality of your sleep will change.

Proven coolness in thermo test

After heating with a hot plate for 2 minutes, when comparing the surface temperature with a comparison product (cool pad), our pad was 2.8°C lower.

(Experiment content)
Compare the surface temperature when a 90℃ hot plate is brought close to a distance of approximately 15cm in a test machine with a room temperature of 20℃.
(From a comparative test conducted by the Keken Testing and Certification Center.)

The fabric and filling absorb sweat well, and the uneven surface eliminates stuffiness and hot flashes from your back.

The hemp pad "Shitone" uses two types of hemp: linen and ramie.

First, we use ramie, which has excellent durability, for the filling, and mix it with cupra, a high-quality fiber made from the downy hair of cotton seeds. Filling is a combination of hollow hemp and cupro fibers that easily absorbs heat, making it the perfect material for summer bedding.

This filling is carefully poked with a needle and compressed from a 10cm thickness to just 0.5cm to create felt. It has amazing moisture absorption and desorption power and is lightweight.

The fabric is 100% linen. Carefully woven by intersecting the warp of ramie, which has high moisture absorption and desorption properties, and the weft of linen.

It absorbs sweat well and allows you to enjoy the smooth feel that only linen can provide.

Furthermore, the uneven wrinkles make it easier for air to move around the back and improve breathability. It doesn't trap heat and keeps you cool all night long.

"Machine washable"

Linen dries quickly and becomes stronger when wet. So it can be washed repeatedly. It's very hygienic because it's easy to wash, even on summer nights when you sweat a lot.

"Thorough pursuit of safety"

Since it comes into direct contact with the skin, safety is ensured. In addition to rigorous quality inspections, we have also received certification under Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international safety standard for textile products.

"All manufactured domestically"

We purchase original fabrics from domestic processing manufacturers with unique technology and manufacture them at our own factory. Skilled craftsmen carefully finish each item from weaving to processing and sewing.

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