KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard

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KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard
KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard
KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard
KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard
KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard
KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard

KAGUYA KOKOCHI with headboard

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Speaking of bamboo, we think of the bamboo forests of Kyoto, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and Princess Kaguya...

Bamboo is a plant that is vibrantly green throughout the year and stretches toward the sky, symbolizing vitality.

KAGUYA KOKOCHI is a bamboo bed designed to take advantage of its supple strength and beauty.

Experience the comfort of Iwata's beds that are kind to people and nature, and are ahead of their time in proposing a new sleeping culture.

The comfort that can only be found in bamboo is based on the science of ``Japanese sleep.''

Japan has four seasons, and the temperature and humidity vary greatly depending on the season.
In pursuit of a comfortable sleep that is in harmony with Japan's climate, we have combined superior functionality and beautiful design. The material used is carefully selected Moso bamboo from Okayama Prefecture.
Highly durable bamboo spring. The 3D cushion that supports the bamboo drainboard and the ``bend'' of the bamboo provide unparalleled elasticity.

It distributes the pressure on your body and supports your weight according to your sleeping position. It has excellent breathability and can be used comfortably throughout the year.

Design and technology that brings out the beauty and strength of materials.

Moso bamboo from Okayama Prefecture is attractive for its unique straight grain.
We design while respecting the unique beauty of each piece.
Bamboo has a higher specific gravity than wood, making it hard and durable, as well as having excellent antibacterial and moisture control properties, making it an ideal material for beds.
Bamboo is also cut down during the "rest period" from early fall to winter. Bamboo at this time of year has less sugar content, so it is less susceptible to insect damage and stains.

Through the process of ``cutting → carbonization → drying → processing → crimping'' by skilled craftsmen, it is reborn as a high-quality laminated bamboo material with less warpage and distortion.

IWATA×TEORI×Tamotsu Yagi Design

KAGUYAKOKOCHI was created through a collaboration between Iwata Co., Ltd., Teori Co., Ltd., a bamboo furniture manufacturer based in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, and Tamotsu Yagi Design.

Tamotsu Yagi

In 1984, he moved to the United States as an art director at Esprit.
Became an AGI member in 1990. Established Tamotsu Yagi Design in San Francisco. In 1995, Yagi's work was selected for the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and an exhibition was held to commemorate the museum's opening. In the same year, he received the U.S. government's Contribution Award, which is given to Asians active in the arts. Currently based in Venice, Los Angeles, he is working on various design projects.

Material/Frame main material/slats: Bamboo from Okayama Prefecture (laminated wood)

Slatted cushion: Cotton/polyethylene Finish: Urethane

Iwata products can be used comfortably for a long time by maintaining them at home.

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Oeko-Tex is an international safety standard for textile products that prohibits or restricts the use of substances harmful to the human body in textile products, and is issued only to products that meet the standards.

The Iwata brand receives certification for each product. Not only the main materials (feathers, natural wool, and fabrics), but also all components used in bedding, such as threads and zippers, meet the standards and have been proven to be safe down to the single thread.


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