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THE Laundry Detergent

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THE laundry detergent [Think Nature]
・High basic performance (function)
・Low environmental impact (environment)
We aim to achieve both.

We believe that if we can create a laundry detergent that is environmentally friendly without sacrificing (in fact, enhancing) its functionality and convenience as a laundry detergent, it will be suitable for the new standard of the future, which is the theme of THE. That's because.

・High basic performance (function)
In terms of functionality, we focused on ``removing dirt well'' and ``as much as possible, it can be completed with just one product.''

"Remove dirt thoroughly"
Of course, it is important to remove dirt from clothes, but at the same time, it is very important not to leave behind any dirt or laundry detergent once removed.

THE Laundry Detergent [Think Nature] applies research on how to deal with marine tanker accidents and introduces technology to make surfactants into microparticles, allowing it to exhibit excellent cleaning power even in small amounts (5 ml, the equivalent of one teaspoon). Masu. This atomization actually helps prevent dirt and laundry detergent from remaining on clothing, breaking the dirt into small pieces and allowing them to slip through the fibers and flow cleanly. Furthermore, the anti-redeposition agent works by trapping dirt from removed clothing in the gaps between the porous materials, preventing dirt from returning to the clothing. Since dirt flows away with the wastewater during the washing process, washing can be done without sacrificing detergency even if the number of rinsing cycles is reduced.

We recommend that you do not reduce the number of times you rinse your clothes if they are very dirty or smelly, but now you have more options to save water and electricity during your daily laundry. For example, if you change 2 rinses with a drum-type washing machine to 1 rinse, or if you change 1 rinse with a top-loading washing machine to 0 rinses, you can save money on water/electricity bills, shorten washing time, and It has benefits such as "reducing friction damage and making clothes last longer."

By the way, the main reason for the smell that tends to occur when drying clothes indoors is that the dirt and laundry detergent left on the clothes serve as food for bacteria, making it easier for them to breed.
The scent of lavender essential oil is so faint that you can hardly tell by the time it dries after washing.
"If possible, complete it with just one book."
We have devised a design that eliminates the need to use multiple detergents and allows you to feel the natural texture of your skin without using fabric softener.

Many materials are used for clothing, such as plant-derived cotton and linen, animal-derived wool, silk and down, and chemical fibers. For example, alkaline detergents are easy to remove sebum stains, but animal-derived wool and Silk is also acidic, so using alkaline detergents will easily damage it. THE laundry detergent [Think Nature] has a neutral liquid and can be used to wash waterproof and breathable materials such as cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, wool, silk, down materials, and rainwear.

We found that the original natural feel can be achieved by pursuing ``removal of dirt''. In addition to preventing dirt from returning to clothing, the anti-redeposition agent is also effective in preventing static electricity, and the biodegradable polymer suppresses static electricity, so each fiber can be washed without fabric softener. It will stand up and make your clothes fluffy. By reducing the amount of items needed for laundry, it can also be used to keep the area around the washing machine, which tends to get cluttered, neat.

・Low environmental impact (environment)
When considering the environmental impact of laundry detergents, surfactants are an indispensable factor.
While surfactants are effective cleaning ingredients, the consumption of palm and coconut palm as raw materials is increasing, and the balance between production/supply and consumption/demand is no longer sustainable.

THE Laundry Detergent [Think Nature] uses RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil (mass balance method) for the surfactant raw material. In addition, in addition to the low surfactant content, the amount of detergent used per wash is also small, so the amount of surfactant used is only 1/6th of that of regular laundry detergents, which is overwhelmingly low. is a feature.

THE laundry detergent [Think Nature] is a detergent that has been proven to be easily degradable according to the standards set by the international OECD, and cleared the standard value of the biodegradability test, which is normally 28 days, in 21 days, 7 days shorter. . Because it biodegrades oil quickly, there is no re-agglomeration of oil (the dirt that has been removed once solidifies again, which can lead to re-contamination), and it also eliminates foul odors and clogging of drainage pipes.

Additionally, as mentioned above, increasing the number of options for rinsing reduces the amount of water used for rinsing and the amount of electricity required for rinsing, leading to resource conservation. Reducing rinsing by one time can actually save 30-50% on water and electricity bills, and also reduces damage to clothes due to friction with the washing tub, making them last longer. .

THE laundry detergent [Think Nature] is a detergent that not only has a low impact on the environment, but also has passed high-level safety tests and is safe for humans. We conduct a stinging test (sensitivity test for itching and stinging sensations) for people with sensitive skin and an allergy test to examine skin reactions to cumulative irritation after repeated use to confirm safety for the skin. A laundry detergent that can be safely used on baby's underwear.

Iwata products can be used comfortably for a long time by maintaining them at home.

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Oeko-Tex is an international safety standard for textile products that prohibits or restricts the use of substances harmful to the human body in textile products, and is issued only to products that meet the standards.

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